"I just wanted to say thank you and congratulations on a great concert again last night. It was wonderful to see all the young talent so confident up on the stage.

I really appreciate the effort Ben has put in with James throughout the term preparing for the performance and being up on stage together certainly helps them feel comfortable. A wonderful evening enjoyed by all the families I am sure. Again, congratulations, and we can't wait for the next one at the end of the year!!"

- Many thanks Natalie

  "Milica's passion for playing and teaching bass was obvious within minutes of my first lesson.  She continues to push my musical boundaries and expand my knowledge on what it is to be a bass player.  How good is that???"

- Garrath

"My daughter Jordi has been enjoying singing lessons at Voodoo Child with Kelly for almost 2 years. Kelly is an inspirational, enthusiastic teacher, who is working diligently to develop Jordi s singing talent. Lessons are fun and relaxed, and songs chosen are relevant to Jordi s age and voice range. Since commencing singing lessons, Jordi s vocal range has expanded, her confidence has improved enormously, and she has had the opportunity to perform before an audience. Jordi has a passion for singing, and Kelly is instrumental in developing that passion."

- Lynn

  "While my daughter Charlie started learning drums over 3 years ago at school, it wasn't until she started taking lessons with Niko that we really started to see a rapid improvement in her musical abilities and noticed her true enjoyment and passion for playing the drums come out.

  Finding the right music teacher for your child can be the difference between your child developing a lifelong love of music or a quick ending to a musical interest. I am really happy we discovered Voodoo Child Music, through Niko's  fabulous approach to teaching and his 'on their level' way with the kids, Charlie always looks forward to her drum lessons, regardless of how much, or how little home time practice she has done.

  I can't thank Niko enough for encouraging and enabling Charlie with the skills and confidence each week and the belief that with some effort (and practice!!) she can be that 'rock star' drummer she dreams of being!"

  - Lisa

"Emily, who is naturally fairly quiet, has thrived with Kelly as a teacher.  Kelly s sweet and encouraging nature has drawn the best from Emily and now, at the age of 9, Emily is confident and prepared enough to sing to a group of 50 people.  Emily absolutely adores Kelly and is completely inspired by Kelly to keep going with her singing and become a pop star!!!!  Will have to wait and see!! In the meantime, it s THE favourite activity in her week, and she is gaining confidence and her self esteem is soaring with this new found love, so I am delighted as well. Thank you Kelly."

- Natalie

  "I would like to give a big commendation to Fiona, she is great, extremely patient. I'm really happy with voodoo child music and the teacher."

- Dave

"The kids sounded great and they obviously all enjoyed themselves. Great job with kids. They are very lucky to have been a part of a fantastic event. Thanks"
- Karen and Matt Davidson

"Just wanted to say how blown away we were by the band - we were all chuffed"
- Barb

"Well done James and Siobhan for organizing such a great concert. What a fantastic opportunity for the kids to perform at such an awesome venue and you have done a great job getting them all where they are. It was great to finally see it all come together and all the kids were fantastic."
- Kate Newton

"Fantastic concert on Sunday. Congratulations!"
- Margaret

"Wonderful concert last night, you really have done a wonderful job with all of these kids. My wife and I are of the opinion that playing in the band is one of the reasons why Alec still continues with the bass guitar. Most of his friends have taken up an instrument and then dropped it as their enthusiasm wanes. Being able to play "real" music every week is something that he looks forward to and he has never once said on a Saturday that he never wanted to attend."
- Ian and Kellie Smith

"A well organized concert with excellent music selection. It was great to observe all members of the band playing as a team. Well done James in organizing the different bands to work harmoniously."
- Peter and Jeya Selvaratnam

"My warmest regards to James for continuing to inspire Tom to improve and love his music. It is often very difficult to persist as teenagers have many completing demands for their time. James has such a great rapport with students he hits the right 'note' with his teaching skills and enthusiasm"
- Liz Stayner