teen band program

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Teen Band Program
The band program is an incredibly exciting program. Young students with similar ability and musical tastes are brought together to form a band. The band works on a play list with the aim of putting on a concert when they are ready. Band members have a shared goal of improving each week and an overall goal of “getting it right” for the next coming concert. This proves to be a highly motivating program.

- The band program provides direction. Having a very specific goal often pushes the student to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

- It provides the opportunity to experience the thrill of performing live in front of their friends, family and peers.

- There are valuable social elements to the program too. It’s an opportunity to meet other young students of similar musical ability and taste and have fun making music together. Students learn to listen to each other and work as a team. There is a big confidence boost that comes after achieving their goal and performing live.

All Styles

Rock, Garage Rock, Jazz, Blues, Funk, Latin, Rockabilly, Heavy Metal, Pop-Punk, and more…......depending on demand.

Designed for students 10 – 19 years

Levels: (Almost) Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced.

Pricing: Weekly Band Lessons are $40 (gst incl) per person and are 1 hour long.

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