cancellation policy

Lesson cancellations throughout the term: If a student cancels a lesson with at least 24 hours notice, we will note the absence and do our utmost to arrange a catch up lesson. If a student is sick on the day, we still note this and look for a chance for a catch up lesson. However, catch up lessons are not guaranteed. They depend on an opening becoming available in the schedule, usually directly before or after the student’s scheduled lesson time.

The 24 hour notice period is designed to allow us time to make contact with and offer other student/s the opportunity to have a catch up in your spot, students may need time to make special arrangements to enable them to take advantage of the catch up.

Please direct all cancellation advice to our office on 9486 1203 or 0437 129 987 (9.00 am - 7.00 pm daily) not your teacher. The office will advise the teacher of the cancellation. Contacting the office directly allows us to record and coordinate all catch up lessons between all students and teachers as efficiently as possible.

Catch up lessons remain valid throughout the whole teaching year while the student continues to have lessons with us. Catch up lessons that are outstanding at the end of the year are not carried over to the following year.

If a teacher is away, a replacement teacher will be provided (wherever possible). A handover process is in place between teachers so that students can proceed with lessons as normal. If it is not possible to arrange a replacement teacher - the student will be offered a catch up lesson as soon as an opening is available either side of the student’s usual lesson time.

Permanent Cancellations

Lessons are strictly on a term by term basis. One full terms notice is required for permanent cancellations.

If a student cancels lessons permanently for any reason once the term has started, a refund will not be offered for the remainder of the term's lessons.

Band Program
Due to the complex nature of band rehearsals, catch up lessons are not available for missed lessons.
Students participating in the band program do so under the condition that they show a 100% commitment right up to the band’s next concert. This is only fair to their fellow band members.